Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook

Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook

Karen Marie Moning - The Highlander's Touch Audiobook Free Online
Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook


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Five years prior a lethal pile up murdered her dad and disabled her mom, Catherine, constraining Lisa Stone to maintain two sources of income so as to pay total doctor’s visit expenses and bolster herself and her mom. Adding to their weight, Lisa and her mom have as of late been informed that Catherine experiences cervical malignancy. Lisa’s essential concern is administering to her mom, both candidly and fiscally, however she is quick getting to be distinctly disappointed and depleted. Her night work, cleaning at a neighborhood historical center, is Lisa’s escape from the trials of this present reality. While in her supervisor’s office, weakness overwhelms Lisa and she nods off just to stir when he and a partner arrive sooner than required in the morning. Dreading end, Lisa scrambles to stow away under his work area and catches the two discussing an uncommon, medieval ancient rarity the historical center has as of late procured. After they leave, interest improves of her and Lisa explores the unpredictably planned box left on top of the work area. After opening it and touching the interesting cup inside, the world moves underneath Lisa’s feet and she feels herself falling…landing at the feet of a goliath man venturing from his shower. Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook Free Online.

Circenn Brodie, laird of Castle Brodie, rapidly understands that the lady, Lisa Stone, who mysteriously appears at his feet from thin air, is not of his time. Circenn gathers that a long back revile he cast on a pixie carafe has sent this lady to him – and to her pulverization. Circenn is a man of respect, however how might he keep his long prior promise to crush the conveyor of the flagon when Lisa gives off an impression of being blameless of its energy? The more Circenn postponements satisfying his pledge, the even more an enticement Lisa gets to be.

Both are tormented by conditions outside their ability to control. Lisa can just consider coming back to her time and her withering mother; Circenn is torn between his fascination in Lisa and the way that he is compelled by a sense of duty to decimate her. Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook Free Online. Lisa is entranced by the strange, Scottish warrior and the living history around her, in the long run leaving herself to the way that she may never have the capacity to go home.

Ms. Moning pens a splendid embroidered artwork of fourteenth century Scotland, conveying to distinctive life the tumult of the circumstances, without being overpowering. Ms. Moning is at the tallness of her art bringing the majority of the components in this story together easily and gracefully, while making genuine individuals confronted with apparently unfavorable impediments.

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