Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook

Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook

Patricia Briggs - Night Broken Audiobook Free Online
Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook Free


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It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. It really sets the standard in terms of werewolf mythos and world-building, series development, and a compelling heroine. When the opportunity to read and review NIGHT BROKEN arose, I jumped at the chance. Given the synopsis, I knew this was going to be a good one. And of course, I wasn’t disappointed. Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook Free Online.
Central to NIGHT BROKEN, book eight in the series, is Mercy and Adam’s marriage. What Briggs does so well is show the depth of their commitment and their complete and utter belief and confidence in each other. It was nice to see, after all these two have been through, a book that centers on the strength of their relationship, particularly when it’s being tested by a manipulative ex-wife, which I’ll get to later. Mercy proves herself, once again, to be completely loyal and dedicated to those she cares about which is of course why she’s such an endearing character. But Briggs also takes some time to humanize this wonder woman with moments of childish retribution against Adam’s ex (blue dye in the shampoo anyone?). Mercy may be an almost-saint but she, too, can be “human,” and it was nice to see. Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook Free Online.

Another fantastic addition to Mercy’s world is the introduction of Gary Laughingdog. He’s the only other coyote shifter, born of Coyote himself, that Mercy knows and he’s a fantastic character — hilarious, completely not dependable, and wiley. He has the gift of sight and is a huge flirt which proves difficult for Honey given what she went through in FROST BURNED. I hope Briggs keeps him around because he’s a nice counterpoint to Mercy and he adds a bit of excitement and humor to almost any scene he’s in. Night Broken Audiobook Download Free.

Other strong elements of the book include the continued difficulties Mercy has with her pack relationships. The pack is made up of a bunch of jerks and NIGHT BROKEN really highlights the uphill battle Mercy faces. While there may be some hope it will get better, it angers me how they treat her depsite nice moments of support from characters like Warren, Ben, and Honey. Briggs also does a great job of introducing a new mythology that I’ve never heard of and which feels very original. I love the expansion of the supernatural world beyond the fae, vampires, and wolves that normally take center stage in the series. Finally, there’s Stefan. There’s a bit of a revelation in NIGHT BROKEN that will impact his relationship with Mercy and I’m curious to see how it will play out. Patricia Briggs – Night Broken Audiobook Free Online. - Harry Potter Audiobooks